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"You are my

(Noah's last words to his Momma)





The Noah Jon Markstrom Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that was founded in 2019 to honor and remember 6-year old Noah Jon Markstrom. Noah battled brain cancer for 2 years and passed away in November of 2019. Throughout Noah's battle he was cared for by many special medical professionals who chose to dedicate their lives to caring for sick children like Noah. 

The mission of NJMF is to establish an endowment that will allow us to: 

Provide scholarships to people pursuing careers in pediatric medicine.


Provide student loan payment grants to people who have 

finished school and are working in pediatric medicine.




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Our Ironman

Noah Jon Markstrom “Buggy," six, of Centralia WA, was welcomed home into the Kingdom of Heaven, on November 6th, 2019, following a valiant battle with brain cancer. Noah was born January 20th, 2013, in Olympia, Washington, to Kyle and Kara Markstrom.

Noah continually battled for two years. He was first diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem in December of 2017, when he was four years old. This was followed by a return and spread of the disease in February of 2019. Throughout this time, he taught us the true meaning of strength and courage. Noah was a kind, loving, funny and intelligent boy, who touched many lives.


Despite countless surgeries, procedures, pokes, and discomfort, he never once complained about the hospital stays and treatments he endured. He never asked “why” this was happening to him. He never had envy or a cold heart. He lived, loved and laughed every single day. He had more dignity than anyone would think was humanly possible. We are all better for witnessing Noah’s example. Like Noah in the Bible, he was ever the optimist. With his usual smile, Noah always found a way to do what was asked of him, while also finding a way to help others.

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